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Engaging the Mind Through

Activities and Creativity

We Offer Excellent Adult Day Care Services

D&D Compassionate Activity Companion’s LLC in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a reliable adult day care. We provide individuals under our care with a variety of physically and mentally engaging and stimulating activities that help improve their well-being.

What makes us unique is that we operate in two group sessions, so that adults are still able to enjoy their day throughout the week and attend important engagements such as doctor’s appointments. D&D Adult Day Care is a small facility servicing 10 to 15 participants daily. D&D Compassionate Activity Companion’s LLC believes that although adults may be in need of a day service program, they are still adults and should not be confined to an 8-hour day program. Adults still need some freedom to live their lives, that's why we offer flexible enrollment options.


We aim to improve the lives of individuals we serve by providing them with activities and companionship they need. Our company prides itself on its creativity, teamwork, and ability to build trust.


Our vision is to embrace independence among the people under our care by establishing a culture that focuses on improving human life through companionship that supports self-agency.


D&D Compassionate Activity Companion’s LLC always conducts actions with honesty, integrity, and fairness in mind. We encourage everyone to treat each other with respect and dignity. Our company consistently strives to provide the highest quality of companionship to the individuals under our care.

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